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Who is Webie?

  • We are a website design consultancy.
  • We are a team of website experts with many years of experience.
  • We are a member of the UKWDA.
  • We have won awards for our website designs.
  • Webie was created in 1997 and has gained experience in all aspects of the web.
  • We have offices near Dundee and Aberdeen, Scotland

Client List

Our clients are wide and varied, ranging from individuals to corporate businesses.

  • ABN Amro, Glasgow
  • Acomarit, Glasgow
  • Adecco, Stirling
  • American Life, Glasgow
  • Angus IT, Forfar
  • Auchlishie Farm, Kirriemuir
  • Assisting Business, Glasgow
  • BMI Baby, Glasgow
  • Boyz Zone, Forfar
  • Cabling Technology, Glasgow
  • Cortachy House, Kirriemuir
  • Crossaig, Helensburgh
  • Deutsche Bank, Edinburgh
  • Digital Tangent, Glasgow
  • Deutcsche Bank, Edinburgh
  • Dundee City Council, Dundee
  • Edinburgh City Council, Edinburgh
  • Forfar Web Design, Forfar
  • I&D Tilers, Dundee
  • Keir and Cawder Estates, Stirling
  • Leprosy Mission, Stirling
  • HP, Glasgow
  • M&D's Theme Park, Motherwell
  • Meneer, Stirling
  • Multizone.TV, London
  • myHotDesk, Stirling
  • NHS Scotland, Perth
  • 02, Glasgow
  • Origo Services, Livingston
  • Phone Cabling, Cumbernauld
  • Procter & Gamble, Glasgow
  • Ramage Distribution, Lanarkshire
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Edinburgh
  • Royal Jubilee Arms Hotel, Dykehead
  • SAMH, Glasgow
  • Scottish Provident, Edinburgh
  • Stirling Enterprise Park (STEP), Stirling
  • Surfwear Direct, Glasgow
  • Sun Microsystems, Linlithgow
  • Tayside Regional Council, Dundee
  • Teletech, Glasgow
  • Total, Aberdeen
  • UK Resort Exchange, Arran
  • VShips, Glasgow
  • Wood Group, Aberdeen

Website Designs

  • Affiliate: enabled portal that renders not only its custom CMS but also syndicated content from other content providers for an agreed fee
  • Archive: used to preserve valuable electronic content threatened with extinction
  • Blog (or web log): sites generally used to post online diaries which may include discussion forums
  • Business: a site to promote the products and/or services of a company (Sole Trader, Limited Company, PLC, Not For Profit, Charity, etc.)
  • City: A site that shows information about a certain city or town and events that takes place in that town
  • Commerce (or eCommerce): for purchasing goods, such as
  • Community: a site where persons with similar interests communicate with each other
  • Content: sites whose business is the creation and distribution of original content
  • Corporate: used to provide background information about a business, organization, or service
  • Custom: a site created that offers a combination of uniqueness and a combination of other websites
  • Directory: a site categorising and listing sites (sometimes focussed on a particular market sector, e.g. website design directory
  • Educational: see school site
  • Entertainment: sites with content to entertain and amuse
  • Extranet: a private site used within an organisation and permitted users physically external to the organisation
  • Flash: a static site with animated images and anticipated user interaction
  • Gripe: a site devoted to the critique of a person, place, corporation, government, or institution
  • Hobby: a personal website covering a subject of familiarity
  • Humor: satirizes, parodies or otherwise exists solely to amuse
  • Hybrid: a combination of different website types
  • Information: contains content that is intended to inform visitors, but not necessarily for commercial purposes
  • Intranet: a private site used within an organisation
  • Mirror: A complete reproduction of a website
  • News: similar to an information site, but dedicated to dispensing news and commentary
  • Personal: run by an individual or a small group (such as a family) that contains information or any content that the individual wishes to include
  • Political: A site on which people may voice political views
  • Rating: A site on which people can praise or disparage what is featured
  • Review: A site on which people can post reviews for products or services
  • School: a site on which teachers, students, or administrators can post information about current events at or involving their school
  • Search Engine: a site that provides general information and is intended as a gateway or lookup for other sites
  • Sub-Category: a child site that is more focussed on its sub-category information
  • Video Sharing: A site that enables user to upload videos, such as YouTube and Google Video
  • Web Application: contains software to run over the Web as a Web application
  • Web Mail (webmail): access electronic mail (email) through a web browser
  • Web Portal: (also known as Directory Site) a site that provides a starting point or a gateway to other resources on the Internet or an intranet
  • Wiki: a site which users collaboratively edit (such as Wikipedia and Wikihow