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Your website has to hit the spot. We want you to be successful and will do what we can using our extensive web skills and experiences to get you visitors.

Our web site marketing consists of a combination of online and offline activities that work together and are performed frequently.

We are creative in driving visitors to your web site

Website Marketing is different from Search Engine Optimization, but the two techniques work together.

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Customer Profiling

The first task to complete is to identify your customer. Together we will build a profile of your customer to help focus our efforts. We will create a list of hypothetical customers and think about their requirements when creating your website.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

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Social Networking

  • RSS Feeds
  • Blogs
  • Twitter\Tweets
  • Social Networking Websites (Bebo, MySpace, Facebook)

Web Marketing for Free

Challenge us to see if we can improve your search engine position. If it does not improve over a period of time then we will give you your money back.

Work Together

It is in our nature to want to understand how things work. The web is no different and you may want to undertake all or some of the elements of Web Marketing. You will be pleased to know that we will work together in any aspect to deliver a great web site.


Stay away from companies claiming to get your website listed highly on search engines through automatic processes.

The only way to achieve a highly placed website listing in a search engine is through hard work. As far as we are aware, there is no easy-fix, quick-win, automatic process that works.